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4 Popular Photo-Sharing Web sites For Photography enthusiasts


With the advent of social networking sites, it is now easy for all of us to share our opinions, status and even pictures online. In just one click, a photograph can be shared in various websites. There are several photo-sharing sites where users can post their shots and share it with friends or with the public. This can be an advantage for all businesses who are offering products and services.


For professional photographers, they can start using thise sites to promote their business and display their cherished pictures for more possible clients to view. A photo-sharing site permits users to store their photos, share what they want and modify them. Most photo-sharing sites have photo-editing tools where you can improve or touch up photos before sharing them.


There are image site hosting and photo-sharing websites that are commonly utilised by photographers. Below are the 4 sites that most photographers like.


In Flickr, you can make a free account using your yahoo e-mail address. This site enables a user to save and upload pictures. Photographers like Flickr because on Fllicker there are online groups or communities for photography enthusiasts to be connected and share news or ideas. Flickr is a pioneer in photo-sharing and up to now it remains to be popular among online users.


Shutterfly is a fantastic image-hosting web site that photographers like. You can keep unlimited number of pictures and even make a photo book. This enables you to save more pictures so you don’t have to remove frequently.


Smugmug is an awesome photo-sharing site where you can post your pictures, edit and store them for some time. It isn't really for free though but the account fee is low cost and the benefits they are offering are excellent. Smugmug presents a lot of layouts and styles for a professional photographer to make a photo site where customers can see their astounding works.


Google+ is a good photo saving and sharing social site for online surfers especially professional photographers. This is because Google+ allows you to organize pics based on moments in your life or even that of your buyer. You can form an albums for your client’s birthday, wedding , anniversary and more.  The site has also editing tools including filters.
There are other magnificent photo-sharing websites that are really helpful in stocking, managing, setting up and cropping and editing your pics.  Seek other professional photographers for advice on what internet websites they use to reach out to clients.

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Traditional wedding ceremonies

Traditional wedding ceremonies


Traditional wedding ceremonies are generally held in churches and other indoor locations. There are several weddings though which are being held outdoors particularly in beaches. If you are planning to get married, would you consider having it by the beach?


Beach weddings are very popular in some countries especially during summer season. Engaged couples who intend to have a beach wedding will need to weigh in the benefits and drawbacks of having a beach wedding. You cannot just say you want a beach wedding without meticulously considering and planning about it.


To help you to decide on whether or not a seaside wedding is suitable for you and your partner, here's a list of positive aspects as well as disadvantages of a beach wedding.


1.    Beach weddings are romantic, natural and solemn.
2.    No need for too many decors, a couple of flowers and hanging decors will do.
3.    Couple will feel more relaxed and they can wear light, semi-formal attire.
4.    Bride can wear light makeup for a more natural look in the wedding pictures.
5.    Sunset beach wedding with close friends and family will be intimate and superb memorable.


1.    Unpredicted weather disturbance can produce a problem. Make certain you have large umbrellas and tents prepared. Know also in advance what weather can you expect on your wedding date and anticipate for the worst weather so that you can prepare.
2.    Wind can be a disadvantage to the bride and female visitors. You can let your hair down but be sure to keep your hair away from your face using a clip or hair pin.
3.    Sound can vanish into the air. An audio system with microphone should be placed outdoors so the visitors can still hear the wedding ceremony specially the exchange of vows.
4.    It can be hard to walk on the sand. Add a sturdy flooring on top of the sand so you and your visitors can easily walk and move.
5.    Only some guests can come especially if it is far. It's always best to pick a holiday or weekend date so a lot could come.


Your beach wedding could be a success if you carefully plan it. Be sure to disseminate the right info to your family and friends and include the things they need to bring. Understand the permits you need to apply for if you will have your wedding event in a public beach.



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Top Reason Why You Need to Get a Wedding Photographer


Wedding events are an important event in our lives. This typically happens once in a lifetime thus it is important for us to be able to hold the memories of this big event. We all know that wedding pics help capture these special moments and every time we glance at these pictures we feel happy and nostalgic. 


Engaged couples normally get a wedding photographer to cover their wedding however, not all of those who hired a wedding photographer also seek the services of a wedding videographer. Only half or less of the couples hire a wedding videographer. The usual reason they give is that the professional services of a wedding videographer is too costly and it won’t easily fit into their wedding budget. 


A majority of those who didn’t employ a wedding videographer feel bad about their decision of not getting one. They missed plenty of wonderful occurrences during the wedding because they got busy entertaining visitors. These incidents may possibly be taken on camera but the best way to feel the real moment is to really see it.


If you are still planning your wedding, here are several reasons why you need to get a wedding videographer who'll work with your wedding photographer.


1.    You can see the actual expressions and emotions of your guests during the wedding
2.    You can view your exchange of vows over and over.
3.    You can look at the actual wedding ceremony from a different perspective.
4.    You can see how your friends and family bond together and celebrate with you. Down the road, even if some of them already passed you can still remember how they were when still alive if you see them in the wedding video.
5.    You can present the wedding video to your children or grandchildren. This can help them see the faces of relatives who are no longer with you.


There are numerous reasons why it is a good decision to get a wedding videographer. If you can include it in your wedding budget, then go and hire one.